The September Lightning Network Node Runner Contest
Do You Run a Lightning Node?

⚡ 1 Million Sats in Rewards for Node Operators
Bitcoin and the Lightning Network

Who Will Increase Capacity the Most in September?

🥇 1st Place: 300K Sats
🥈 2nd Place: 200K Sats
🥉 3rd Place: 150K Sats
🏆 4th-10th Place: 50K Sats each

Top Capacity Increases

All rewards are available for Lightning 'Pleb Nodes' - nodes that started the month of September or came online in September and started the month with less than 1 bitcoin in total capacity.

Which nodes can increase their total capacity the most by the end of September?
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Introducing the Lightning Node Leaderboard

  • Which nodes, tiered by category, have increased capacity the most this month?
  • Where can I see the top nodes?
  • How can I explore nodes and gain visibility into network growth?

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who operates a 'Pleb Node' in September - defined as a Lightning Node with less than 1 bitcoin in total capacity as of September 1st, 2022.

What are the Prizes?

10 prizes, ranging from 50K Sats and up, are given to the Pleb Nodes who gain the most total capacity in September. The time frame for Node Capacity increases is 9/1 to 9/30 (UTC)

How to Enter?

Verify and display your node by signing a message with your node on the Exponential Layers platform. That's it, now you're in the contest!

Get Started & FAQs

Please feel free to reach out with any questions
How Do I Get Started?

To get started, verify your node on Exponential Layers.

Add your Twitter handle, email, a custom node avatar and any other data you would like to offer on your node, and ensure your node is set to be displayed publicly on the Exponential Layers Explorer.

Get Started By Verifying Your Node
Who is Eligible for the Contest?

Anyone who has a node publicly visible on the network in September, with less than 1 bitcoin in starting total public capacity (as of 09/01/2022), is eligible (and automatically entered in the contest).

To be eligible for prizes, you must verify your node on Exponential Layers, add either a Twitter handle or email, and mark your node display to public on the Explorer, by the end of the day (UTC) on 09/30/2022.

How are the Winners Determined?

Winners will be determined by the absolute increase in total public capacity on a node between 09/01/2022 and the end of day 09/30/2022 (UTC times). Nodes must be online as of 9/30/2022.

Winners must be eligible per the above criteria. Of the eligible winners, each node will be ranked according to the total public capacity increase during the month.

Note that Exponential Layers is continually refining data and making updates to more accurately display network data. All data, total capacity, channels, and node info are subject to final review by Exponential Layers to determine the prizes.

How is Prize Money Distributed?

After winners have been determined, Exponential Layers will get in touch with each winner (via the Twitter Handle or email provided for your node display) to request a Lightning Invoice in the prize amount total. Exponential Layers will then pay that invoice.

What Should I Do to Increase My Node's Capacity?

This guide offers insight into a number of resources and methods to increase your capacity:
4,700+ BTC
Public capacity that acts as a base for payment volume on the Lightning Network
Operating on the network to send, accept, and route payments worldwide
Representing total public payment routes on the Lightning Network
Month-over-month capacity continues to grow 5%+, and overall public capacity has seen 100% growth in just the past year